Three Things to Check on Your Car This Winter

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The three most common repair jobs we see in the winter are heater issues, tire problems, and no-starts. An expense you’d likely want to avoid with all that Christmas shopping you just did. Almost all of these repairs can be avoided with a little preventative maintenance and a keen eye on your vehicle.

Check Air Pressures – Air pressures fluctuate with the temperature. The most common way people prematurely wear their tires is by not checking the air pressures and causing outer-tread wear. This also makes your tires more dangerous to drive on in wet or icy conditions. Check them once a month. Air is usually provided free at most shops if you need a top-off.

Check Battery/Charging System – Batteries, like us, feel strain in the cold. Older batteries especially struggle in colder temps. The ability to start your car each morning is something very easy to take for granted… until you can’t start it at all. Check your battery and the corresponding charging system at least once this winter.

Check Coolant – Argued by some to be the “real” lifeblood of the engine, coolant not only keeps your engine from overheating but also has a lower freezing point as well. Running just water in winter is actually quite dangerous because we drop below freezing so often in December and January. Frozen water inside a vehicle can mean cracked radiators, hoses, and even engine block damage. Coolant is also needed for your heater to work too, if you want to stay warm.

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