The importance of fresh green leafy vegetables in your diet

Fresh Green Leafy Veggies
Fresh Green Leafy Veggies

Now that the temperatures are cooling down; the leaves on trees are starting to fall and darkness is arriving earlier, our bodies may begin to crave warm, high carb foods. Summer green salads may be a thing of the past with colder weather coming; but it is very important that we continue getting our fresh green leafy vegetables even during the autumn and winter months.

Fresh dark green leafy vegetables like: Swiss Chard, Spinach, Kale, Beet Greens and Collard Greens are high in iron and are ideal for the person who participates in the vegan or vegetarian diet.

Green leafy vegetables are also high in Vitamin K which low levels of vitamin K can weaken bones and promote calcification of arteries and other soft tissues.

Fresh green leafy vegetables contain higher levels of dietary fiber to help keep you regular. They are high in Vitamin C which can ward against colds and the flu by boosting your immune system.

Green leafy vegetables contain pro- vitamin A carotenoids, folate and manganese. If you take medications check with your physician because some medications do not pair well with vitamin K.

When cooking, your fresh vegetables do not overcook them or cook them with meats and oils. Cooked fresh green leafy vegetables are ideal in the winter months because they are warm, filling and low in calories and fat.

Remember exercising and eating healthy can help you stay slim and trim during these cold winter months. So, head to your local grocer or farmer’s market for your locally grown fresh dark greens.