The Fountain at Town Hall

Fountain at Mint Hill Town Hall (photo credit Paul Imirie)
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The roundabout in front of Town Hall has undergone a significant transformation over the past few months. A new water fountain is the centerpiece in the plaza, accompanied by flag poles and benches for residents and business patrons to sit and enjoy the sight and sound of splashing water. The striking water feature is surrounded by brick pavers framed by concentric arcs of concrete. All the materials are tastefully matched to the surrounding business, retail, and government office buildings.

Originating with the design and construction of Town Hall in 2012, the idea of an attractive plaza anchored by a centerpiece feature waited until 2018 to come to fruition. At their spring retreat that year, the Board of Commissioners decided to move forward with the architectural design of the fountain and flag plaza. The fountain features nine water jets and LED lighting that is programmable for specific events and holidays.

Of utmost importance during its design, the fountain will serve as a tree stand for the Town’s Christmas Tree. This year’s annual tree lighting event will be the first to prominently display the tree centered atop the fountain’s bowl for all to enjoy.

Special events are planned for the plaza throughout the year utilizing its hardscape pavers and the surrounding Mint Hill Village Lane for a wide array of uses. Residents are welcome to come relax by the fountain anytime.

A fountain dedication ceremony is planned for later this summer.

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