Tamper Resistant Receptacles

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CHARLOTTE – May is National Electrical Safety Month. Let’s talk about Tamper Resistant Receptacles (TRRs). Just as the name infers these outlets are made to keep non-conforming objects out. This is especially important if any young children are around. Each year approximately 2,400 children suffer severe shock and burns when they stick items into the slots of electrical receptacles. A study shows that 100% of children over 2 years old could remove the child-proof plastic outlet caps.

Since 2008 the National Electrical Code requires all newly built homes and renovations to use TRRs. TRRs are a permanent solution to outlet covers. The Tamper Resistant Receptacle has a shutter design that only allows conforming electrical plugs to enter the receptacle. Only the pressure of two prongs entering the outlet and depressing the springs at the same time allows the shutter to open. This means that keys, hairpins, paperclips, and even fingers will not make contact with electricity.

Tamper Resistant Receptacles look like ordinary outlets. You may notice the shutters. One noticeable difference is the pressure needed to plug an electrical cord into the receptacle. A TRR will require a significant amount of equal pressure in order to press those internal springs down and open the shutter. Remember that if it is hard for you then it is even harder for a child. Safety is primary.

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