Smoke Detectors

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CHARLOTTE – May is National Electrical Safety Month. Let’s talk about how smoke detectors are a necessary safety device in homes. Smoke Alarms are so commonplace, that we often do not notice their presence. Unfortunately, that means that we also overlook telltale signs that they need to be replaced or upgraded. Most smoke detectors have a life of 10 years. If your detectors are yellowing, this is a sign your detectors may not function as expected in a fire.

Fire and electrical code standards have updated over the last few years. The current code requires smoke alarms to be installed in every bedroom, outside each sleeping area, and on every level of the home. For improved safety, alarms should be interconnected meaning that if one sounds, they all sound.

Technology has advanced. Two types of alarm sensing are now in use. An ionization alarm is more responsive to flames, while a photoelectric alarm is more responsive to a smoldering fire. Installing combination alarms that use both types of sensors is safest.

Since we forget that these life-saving devices are there, it is important to schedule some easy regular maintenance to be sure they stay working properly. Once per month test each one by pressing the TEST button. Once a year dust or vacuum the sensor to keep it clear. Replace batteries as recommended by the manufacturer.

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