Smart Switches

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CHARLOTTE – Remember when you got your first smartphone, all that you never knew you wanted to do but can’t live without now. Smart switches are like that. Home automation is life-changing. Caseta by Lutron offers an elegant product for connectivity.

The wall switches themselves are ultra-functional and easy to use featuring quick on/off buttons with easy consistent dimming. No more walking across the darkroom. Wireless connections offer installation flexibility so you can add a switch in the places that make sense to you.

Using the phone app, control the features of your smart switches while watching the waves at the beach. Connect to other smart devices such as Alexa and Google Home. Tell Alexa to turn on the basement light before you head down. Endless possibilities come to light when you set up groups and scenes. Turn off all exterior lights at once or choose an evening mood that dims a set of specific lights to create ambiance. Schedule lights and scenes for comfort and safety. Set your bedroom lights to slowly brighten for a smooth transition in the morning and set the living room lights to come on at dusk for an occupied look even when you are stuck in traffic. The geofencing feature turns specific lights, such as entry lights, on or off as you approach home.

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