Safer Smoke Detectors

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CHARLOTTE – Smoke detectors are a necessary safety device in homes and public places. So commonplace, that we often do not notice their presence. Unfortunately, that means that we also overlook telltale signs that they need to be replaced or upgraded. Most smoke detectors have a life of 10 years. If you have lived in your home for close to a decade or more and don’t recall when they have been changed or your detectors are yellowing, this is a sign your detectors may not function as expected in a fire.

Fire and electrical codes standards have updated over the last few years. New codes may require your home to have additional smoke alarms, dual smoke and CO2 detectors, and/or interconnection (one sounds, they all sound). Talk to a qualified electrician to be sure you are protected.

Additionally, there have been technological advancements in smoke detection equipment. Studies have shown that due to the change in manufactured materials found in homes, fires burn differently today. Modern multi-sensing smoke alarms can detect many different types of fire smoke. You may consider voice alert alarms for children and heavy sleepers. Strobe lights and bed shakers can be useful for deaf or the hard of hearing.

If you have any questions about smoke alarms or any electrical concerns give us a call at GB Electrical Services, (980) 500-2378.

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