Light In The Dark

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CHARLOTTE – Now that it’s getting darker earlier, you may be thinking about exterior lighting for you home. Exterior lighting can be a safety feature and can add a beautiful accent to your home architecture. There are many types of exterior fixtures and configurations to get the perfect fit for your needs and style.

Flood lights are a key element for your outdoor safety strategy. “Floods” typically are placed high up on the corners of your house but some homes may require more for full coverage. Lumens, the measure of brightness, are important to take into consideration. You want it bright enough to provide visibility and deter intruders but yet not so bright as to annoy your neighbors.

Landscape lighting can add an attractive pop to your curb appeal and also provide visibility for your driveway and walkways. With a wide variety of products, a welcoming vibe can be achieved by adding the perfect lights at ideal locations.

Also consider how you want your lights to function. Motion sensors pop your lights on whenever motion is detected, providing light just when needed. Daylight sensors turn your system on when the sun goes down, for full coverage all night long. Smart switches such as Caseta by Lutron provide a means for scheduling, geofencing, voice and remote activation, and creating scenes.  See our article next week for more info on Caseta smart switches.

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