Label The Electrical Panel

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CHARLOTTE – Having a correctly labelled electrical panel is imperative. In an emergency such as fire or electrocution, being able to quickly and correctly power off the circuit is vital. Most homes have a panel that is already at least partially labeled. Minor renovations at home could have altered the circuit configuration leading to incorrect labeling.

Determining circuits and labeling your panel can be time consuming and is best done with a partner. We suggest doing this task during Daylight Saving Time when you are already setting clocks back or forward an hour. You will need a labeler, note pad, and either a non-contact voltage tester or a small corded appliance.

Start by turning on as many lights, fans, and appliances as safe. At your panel look for obvious dedicated appliances circuits such as “Dryer” that may already be labeled. Go ahead and flip each breaker off and check if the correct appliance is now off. Easy. Label that breaker. Turn back on the breakers as you label them. Now you will turn off the remaining breakers one at a time and check what lights are off and use your tester or small appliance to check outlets establishing the whole of the circuit that is now off. Label the breaker with a distinct name for this circuit such as “Right Back Bedroom & Hall”. Avoid using “Sue’s Room” since Sue could change rooms.

If you need help with labeling your panel or have an electrical concern call GB Electrical Services at (980) 500-2378 or visit

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