Extension Cords Are A Temporary Solution

Extension power cords are for temporary use.
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CHARLOTTE – Extension cords are built to be used as a temporary solution!

There are many types of extension cords, from 120-foot outdoor to 4-foot indoor, and more. Please make sure to check the ratings on the tag to ensure you have properly matched the job intended for your need.

A couple of ways people should NOT use extensions are:
Under rug or carpet placement of an extension cord: Heat gets trapped, increasing the risk of fire.

Using an extension cord in a doorway: Increases the chance for it to get pinched or cut, exposing the wires, and potentially causing you, your pets, or children to get shocked as well as increasing the risk of a fire.

Cutting parts off the extension cord: Usually, the wires that make up the extension cord are not the same size wires that are in your walls, making them a hazard if used as a permanent solution inside your walls! Cutting off the 3rd prong to make it fit into a 2-prong outlet, the 3rd prong usually grounds the wires to prevent shock.

Please check your extension cords prior to use for signs of damage before using them to prevent shock or fire.

If you find yourself using an extension cord for the same reason multiple times for a good amount of time you may want to consider the safer permanent solution is to add or move an outlet.

If you have electrical questions or concerns call GB Electrical Services at (980) 500-2378 or visit www.GetTheBestElectric.com.

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