Electrical Outlet Not Working?

It’s happened to all of us: you plug something into an electrical outlet and – nothing happens.
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CHARLOTTE – Flip a Switch
Your seemingly dead outlet might simply be a half-hot outlet. These outlets differ from conventional outlets in that half of it is controlled by a wall switch. The idea is to connect a lamp and use the switch to control it.

Reset a GFCI Outlet
Does your dead outlet have buttons that say “test” or “reset?” If so, that’s a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlet. They’re usually placed in damp areas of your home to protect you from getting electrocuted in case they come in contact with water.

You can tell a GFCI outlet is faulty if you push the “test” button and the “reset’ button doesn’t pop out. Make sure nothing is plugged into the outlet when you hit the reset button.

Check the Breaker Panel
It will feature a variety of switches (or breakers), each of which will control the power to a part of your home. All breakers have an “on” and “off” position, so it’s easy to confirm they are working properly.

If a breaker tripped, its switch will be between the “on” and “off” buttons or in the “off” position. Reset it by flipping it to the “off” side, then turning it back to “on.” Check if the outlet is now in working order. If it continues to trip there may be a problem with the outlet itself or the wiring.

If none of these fix the outlet, please contact a licensed and insured electrician.

If you have electrical concerns call GB Electrical Services at (980) 500-2378 or visit www.GetTheBestElectric.com.

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