Are LEDs better?

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CHARLOTTE – Should you switch to LED bulbs? Consider the differences between an incandescent and LED bulb, both at 800 lumens (measurement of light brightness) and it will become clear that LED is the way to go.

Where an incandescent bulb can last about 750 hours, an LED can last 25,000 hours. LEDs are made out of durable plastic that is 100% recyclable. Incandescent are fragile and tend to break easily leading to an even shorter lifespan. Less replacement means less trash.

Let’s shed light on energy use and money savings. That 800-lumen incandescent bulb could use 60 Watts of power and cost $12.94 a year to run. The 800 lumen LED uses just 9 Watts and costs $1.94 a year. Go ahead and multiply that by all the bulbs in the house. Add to that the savings in replacement cost too.

LEDs are safer to use than incandescent and fluorescent bulb. LEDs produce light without heat. Incandescent bulbs can cause heat to build up the longer they are left on. This heat buildup can cause you’re A/C to run longer adding to your bill. Additionally, a hot bulb tends to cause discoloration of your fixtures and can even lead to a risk of fire. Fluorescent bulbs contain mercury which is poisonous and can cause health and environmental issues.

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