6 Warning Signs Of Damaged Or Outdated Electrical Wiring In Your Home – Part 2

Damaged wiring presents a serious fire and shock hazard and will need to be replaced by a licensed electrician.
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CHARLOTTE – Last week we mentioned 3 out of 6 important warning signs of wiring issues. If your wiring is old or damaged, it may lead to an electrical malfunction. These malfunctions are the second leading cause of home fires in the U.S. The good news: there are indicators that your wiring system may be damaged or outdated.

Part 2: 3 out of 6 warning signs of wiring issues that you need to take seriously.

4. Noises From Fixtures
Cracking, buzzing, or sizzling noises coming from your switches, outlets, or electrical panel are indicators of a wiring problem – turn off electricity to the entire affected area and call an electrician.

5. Frayed or Damaged Wires
There are plenty of ways wires can get damaged. They’ll fray or crack from heat, age, bending, or corrosion. They can also be nicked and pinched by screws or chewed by pets and rodents. Whatever the circumstances, damaged wiring presents a serious fire and shock hazard and will need to be replaced by a licensed professional.

6. Smoke and Scorch Marks
Smoke or burning smell could be from electrical outlets or the circuit panel. Try to figure out where this is coming from, be sure to unplug everything, and switch it off. If it’s your circuit panel or you see scorch marks or discoloration on your outlets – fire damage may have already occurred, call a licensed electrician immediately.

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