Why You Don’t Need Winter Tires In The Piedmont

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CHARLOTTE – A big question we’ll get from our friends who move to the Carolinas from colder climates is “do we need winter tires?” and the short answer is no. The long answer, however, stems from one main thing – ice.

Here in the Piedmont, we don’t really see snow. Sure, we get a dusting every once in a while, but we don’t get that multiple-feet-lingers-for-days snow that our friends up north or in the mountains get. We have warmer days during our winters so if we do get bad weather, it’s warm enough to be rain. Now, that being said, we do get cool evenings, which creates our old friend black ice.

Now, black ice cannot be magically traversed via winter tires. Ice is slick, it has no grooves, and it is naturally very slippery. Your best bet against ice is spikes that can penetrate them, but we don’t live in a frozen tundra, we just have occasional frozen spots, so those kinds of tires aren’t going to be helpful either.

The best way to combat icy roads is not special tires but attentive driving. Don’t accelerate when turning on ice. Don’t drive too fast. Know where to expect ice, because even if you can’t see it you can make an educated guess as to where it will form. Give people space. In short, be a courteous driver.

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