Why to Choose Independent Repair Shops

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When it comes to auto repair, choices have never been higher. Dealers, chains, and independent shops are abundant and your choices are only limited to the distance you’re willing to drive. It’s hard to choose. So why choose independent shops?

Independent shops are generally independent for a reason. Ask a shop owner why they started their own shop, and the answers may surprise you.

“Working for myself was the best way to ensure I could uphold my values and hire technicians with integrity.”

“I wanted to be with my kids more and this was the best way to ensure I had hours that worked for me.”

“I saw a need in my town that I knew I could fill.”

These are not hypotheticals. These are all real reasons I’ve heard small shop owners mention as to why they went independent. These are not CEOs or Presidents or other big-brass types who care more about bottom-lines and untapped markets. These are your neighbors, and they just happen to like turning wrenches. They live in the communities they serve and are doing their best to provide the best to their neighbors. They’re small business owners that love their town and want to do good by it. That is something that is very hard to duplicate at the chain and dealer level.

You should shop at independent repair facilities for the same reason you choose local restaurants and bakeries over big names in those industries. Because when you support local, you support your neighbors and more importantly, yourself.

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