Why the vehicle market is moving away from cars – Part 3

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Last week, we continued our discussion about the facts vs. the myths of the death of sedans.Today, we’ll talk about the repercussions.

Of the Big Three, only Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles will have any real foothold in the sedan market. Their Dodge Charger is still a hot seller to police departments, fast car fans and soccer moms alike, and Chrysler still boasts the popular 300 sedan. Their parent company Fiat specializes in small cars, and Fiat-Chrysler has begun to import some of their Alfa Romeo vehicles to the United States, including sedans.

Otherwise, its Asia that will have almost total control of the sedan market in the United States.  Toyota doubled down on sedans after Ford’s announcements that they were axing them, stating that even a shrunken market would still mean about 5 million people would want sedans.

Honda has also strengthened their sedan lineup in recent years,  they began building the famous engine put in their Type R Civics, an incredibly popular sports version of the sedan, in Ohio, shortly after started selling Type R Civics in the United States for the first time ever not long after.  The Accord, their full-size sedan, recently received a face lift and is projected to be a hot seller for years to come.

Hyundai has been doing so well with their Genesis sedan that they spun it off into its own company.  Genesis is now Hyundai’s luxury brand designed to compete with other Asian luxury brands like Toyota’s Lexus and Honda’s Acura.  Hyundai’s other subsidiary, Kia, is built on the premise of affordable sedans and has had success selling in America.

Europe is not totally out of the conversation though, BMW is still a strong seller in the United States and Mercedes-Benz has always sold well to the American luxury car buyer.So what does this mean for you, the consumer?  It means that your choices of “American Made”sedans are going to start dancing on a gray area.  FCA is now technically the only American company still dedicated to full-time sedan making as Chevrolet begins its exit and Ford pulls out almost completely.  However, in an attempt to win over the patriotic crowd, companies like Toyota, Honda, and Hyundai have all built plants in the United States.  Toyota builds all its sedans in Kentucky, Honda builds mostly in Ohio and Alabama, and Hyundai builds almost exclusively in Alabama.  Even European company BMW has realized the opportunity and builds almost all of their American-sold vehicles in South Carolina.

To put it simply, if you have loyalties to Ford or General Motors and you want a sedan, buy now.  Classics like the Chevy Impala and Ford Taurus are soon to be dust, and it may not be long before the rest of the automakers follow.

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