What Matters When Picking Oil? Pt. 4

Let’s start with the most common debate – conventional and synthetic. Conventional oil is dinosaur oil. This is the stuff found in the ground in Texas, the Middle East and the Gulf of Mexico. We pull it up, refine it, and sell it. If conventional oil is Jurassic Park, then perhaps synthetic is RoboCop, or a Terminator, or whatever other futuristic movie trope you can think of. It’s scientifically modified in a lab. True, it started as a barrel of oil, but that’s where the traditional ends. In theory, synthetic has been cleansed of all the impurities of conventional down to the molecular level. All this means is that synthetic can lubricate a little bit better and a little bit longer. Do you have to use synthetic if your owner’s manual calls for it? No. Again, viscosity is what’s important. Is it a good idea anyways? Yes. Synthetic is a better oil, no matter what. It isn’t the end of the world if you don’t use it, but you are going to get some slightly better performance out of it.

Everything else? That’s still a gray area. High Mileage oil is oil that has additives in it designed to help an old engine perform well. Is it actually gonna make your engine live longer? Jury’s out. Is it worth a shot? Up to you. Ultimately, if you don’t want it, don’t buy it. It’s not important enough to stress over.

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