What Matters When Picking Oil? Part 5

Lastly, let’s look at extended mileage oils. Perhaps you’ve seen the Mobil 1 advertisement on TV where a tiny Kevin Harvick stands on top of an engine telling a father and adult son “Hey, don’t change the oil – this oil lasts longer than your old stuff!” Tiny Kevin and the Dad promptly use their extra time to go golf (because oil changes are supposed to take all day like a golf game does? There’s a lot of flaws in this ad, don’t look too deep into it when you see it again.) The idea is similar to synthetics in that it has been modified in the lab so well, you can go 20,000 miles – a little bit more than the average person’s yearly amount of driving – so you don’t have to change the oil very often. In theory, that sounds awesome, less oil changes! Is it a good idea though? Again, the idea is so new that the jury is still out. Oil gets dirty over time. Can an oil really go 20,000 miles without causing damage to the engine? It’s too early to tell. Personally, I’m not going to be the one to experiment and find out, but feel free to try it as this kind of oil is likely the future we’re headed too.

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