What is “Preventative Maintenance?”

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CHARLOTTE – This is a slight reworking of one of our articles from 2018. To see our full back catalog, swing by autorepairminthill.com!

If you’ve ever had your car in a shop, you’ve most likely heard the term “preventative maintenance” however, just what is preventative maintenance? Preventative maintenance is jobs done to your car to prevent problems. Changing spark plugs, filters, and belts are kinds of preventative maintenance done during factory-preset intervals.

When Should I do Preventative Maintenance?

Preventative maintenance is done either when the factory recommends it (this is usually listed in your owner’s manual) or when a technician spots something wearing a bit prematurely. For example, a timing belt is usually recommended to be changed at 90,000 miles, but it may be changed earlier if there are cracks or other wear in the belt.

How Do I Know if I Actually Need What’s Recommended?

The best way to know is to ask your service provider to show you. Any reputable shop will gladly do this for you and take pride in making sure you understand fully what is needed.

Is Recommended Maintenance the Same for Every Car?

While there are many similar components in cars that may require maintenance, no two cars have the same preventative maintenance schedule. You should always check with your manual and automotive service provider to see what your car’s specific needs the road will be down.

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