The Throttle Body – What It Is And How It’s Serviced

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MINT HILL, NC – Has a throttle body service been recommended to you? They’re usually recommended when your car keeps stalling or losing power during acceleration. Here are some details on the part and procedure.

Throttle bodies are made up of a cylindrical tube and a flap called a butterfly valve. The butterfly valve is what controls how much air gets to the engine and how much “boom” your engine makes, subsequently controlling RPMs produced and ultimately your speed. It is usually controlled directly by your gas pedal.

Sometimes this throttle body can get a bit of a carbon buildup causing the vehicle to stall. In order for the vehicle to idle, there’s a very small gap between valve and pipe that allows just enough air into the firing chambers. When carbon builds up, it acts as the guard on your house doors that prevent heat or A/C from leaking outside. It blocks everything. No air, no boom, car stalls. Fortunately, this is an easy fix.

A throttle body service includes opening up the air intake system and using a special automotive cleaning chemical to remove carbon buildup. During this time, we also usually inspect for damage to the throttle body (rare) and wear and tear on the rest of the intake system. Often times the air filter will be cleaned or replaced during this process.

The result should be a car that no longer has power or stalling issues. Happy driving! This is a slight reworking of an older article.

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