The Four Dollar Amounts You Need to Know for Your State Inspection – Part 1

State Inspections are one of the quickest services you can receive at an auto shop. You’re in and out somewhere around 10 to 30 minutes, but do you know what you should pay?

$13.60, $23.60, $30.00, $40.00.

Know these numbers. You may have to pay the total split up over time, you may have the amount you pay change from one year to another, but you can never legally be billed more than these. Let’s dive into what they mean:

$13.60 – Safety Only Inspection – This is for cars model year 1995 and older, and vehicles 3 model years old or newer with 70,000 miles or less. These inspections only check over what requires the vehicle to be safe and not what it emits. This inspection expands to all cars if you live in a non-emissions counties, however this likely isn’t you. As a Mint Hill resident, you live in either Mecklenburg or Union county, both of which do emissions tests.

$23.60 – Safety Only with Window Tint – If your vehicle has any kind of aftermarket tint (that means tint that was put on after the vehicle left the assembly line – not how it came when you bought it on the dealer lot) you pay an extra $10. If this seems high to you just for checking tint, please write your politicians. This was entirely their idea. Otherwise, this test is entirely the same as the regular Safety test.

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