Starting Your Car When It’s Cold

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CHARLOTTE – Need to start your car on a cold morning? Let’s talk about it!

Something to make sure is good long before you need to start the car is that your fluids and battery are ready. Make sure you’re using a coolant and not just water in cold months. Make sure your oil is topped off. Lastly, make sure your battery is healthy, you can have it tested for free at most part stores and auto shops.

Now, onto cold-starting.

Start the car with accessories off. When it’s really cold your car has to work to get started, lighten that load as much as you can. Turn lights, your heater, any plug-in accessories, and other things off.

Next, let it warm up a bit. Most internal engine wear happens on startup because oil has sunk back into the pan and it needs to once again circulate, so throwing it into gear and driving off seconds after cranking is a bit of a counterproductive process. This holds especially true in the winter when oil acts less viscous. Let it idle for a minute or two. It doesn’t have to be a long time, just let the motor get a chance to do its thing.

Lastly be sure to defrost any glass, if needed. Don’t be that person driving blind because you’re in a rush. Remember, these are multi-thousand-pound machines and you can kill someone with one. Defrost your windshield so you can see.

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