Prepping Your Child’s Car for Back to School

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CHARLOTTE – As we get closer to the fall semester for most colleges, I wanted to take the time and write my annual article about getting your child’s car ready for the trip to campus this semester.

First, now is a great time to change the oil and inspect most of the major fluids on their vehicle. Considering the amount of driving most college kids will do, an oil change now should last them until their return for winter break… or at least Thanksgiving.

This is also an important time to check major fluids. Coolant, brake fluid, transmission fluid and so on. Fluids that are topped off, clean and fresh offer piece of mind, and also ensure a car can perform as it should as the semester goes along and the weather begins to change.

This is a good time to make sure your student has some emergency supplies in the vehicle. I’ve written about this at-length before, so today I’ll be brief: a simple med-kit, a cheap tire pump, an emergency triangle, non-perishable foods, and wheel lock keys (if their car has wheel locks equipped) are all incredibly helpful and relatively cheap items that could be lifesavers.

Lastly, if there’s any important repairs that have been put off, now is the time to do them. Your child having to stop by a shop far away from during the middle of a college semester is, for the most part, an avoidable headache.

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