Prepping A Car That “Sits” In The Winter

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MINT HILL, NC – Many folks park certain cars during the wintertime. Maybe it’s a fun little sports car that isn’t so fun when it’s 20 degrees out, maybe it’s a family camper, maybe it’s a pickup that tows the boat to the lake, or maybe it’s simply a car you just don’t like driving when it’s cold out. No matter the reason, it’s important that it be given a little TLC before and during its hibernation.

First and foremost, start it every now and again, even if you won’t be driving it. A car that sits is a car that decays. Things crack, gas starts to go bad (we’ll talk more about that in a minute) and batteries drain. Let it run for 20 minutes or so at least once a week can help prevent a lot of this.

It’s also important to move it a bit too. When cars sit, tires can flat-spot and crack. Also, if you park outside, a car that is stationary is an open door for animals to make a home. If you park outside, change wherein the driveway the car sits every now and again.

Now, about that gas… gas that sits reacts with oxygen in the tank, and oxygen causes fuel to degrade. There are additives out there to try and combat this, such as Sta-bil, but that can get expensive, and again, you can easily combat this by just starting the car every now and again.

Next week we’ll discuss how to “winterize” the car you will be driving when it’s cold.

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