Platforms To Sell On – Selling A Car For Beginners

An example of Facebook Marketplace they released via their Newsroom.
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MINT HILL, NC – Something we get asked a lot by our customers looking to sell their old car is just where to list it. There’s a lot of options at your disposal, but the best place to start these days is Facebook Marketplace.

It’s one of the biggest tools at your disposal. It’s 100% free to list a car for sale on Facebook Marketplace. 800 million people use Marketplace every month, according to CNET. Anyone with a Facebook account already has access to Marketplace, they do not need to download a new app or create a new account. It’s already on their phones. Why would you not want to sell there?

More traditional internet platforms, like Craigslist, for example, are suffering. They now charge to list a car for sale and the amount of cars listed is down considerably. This has a lot to do with the fact that they waited until the mid to late 2010s to finally offer a mobile app in a world that is progressively doing more shopping on phones than desktops or brick-and-mortar stores. People wanted easier alternatives, and there was Facebook, ready to pounce.

Of course, that doesn’t mean Facebook has to be your ride-or-die. Other sites, like, the Kelley Blue Book website and the famous Bring a Trailer site are all fine places to sell. There’s also nothing wrong with slapping a “for sale” sign on your vehicle and sticking it in your front yard, either, but remember that you’ll likely have more luck on Facebook Marketplace.

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