Keeping children safe around cars – Part 2

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Last week we covered some basics regarding keeping children safe around cars.  This week we continue with some more tips to ensure safety.

  • Don’t Leave Kids in the Car

Leaving a child in a car can cause heatstroke, which can be deadly. Heatstroke is still possible even on lukewarm spring days because as the sun beats down on the car, the temperature still rises just as it does in the summer. It is important to know cracking the windows is usually not enough to keep the car cool.

  • Lock the Car

Locking the doors is crucial for two reasons – the first is to prevent children from crawling into hot cars and locking themselves in the cabin or trunk, and also to prevent any injury by vehicle rollaway.

  • Lock Your Power Windows

Power windows – any window controlled by a button or lever and not a hand crank – can cause injury to hands and fingers as well as cause strangling, because kids may stick their hands or heads out the window and then accidentally roll the window up on themselves. This is easily preventable by locking the windows so kids cannot play with them.

  • Keep Children in Car Seats as Recommended.

A large factor in injuries of children in cars is improper car seats, or lack thereof. The age and weight of a child usually determines what kind of seats they need. 

A vehicle safety check can be done right here at Manchester Auto and Tire of Mint Hill, NC.  If you need your vehicle or child safety seat checked stop by or give us a call at 704-545-4597 or for more car maintenance tips check out our blog at:

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