Keep Your Pets Vehicle Safe This Summer!

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CHARLOTTE – As it gets hot, I want to put out our semi-annual reminder – do not leave your pets in the vehicle on warm or hot days!

First and foremost – it’s illegal. North Carolina considers it illegal for pets to be left in a vehicle in “dangerous conditions” that can cause “suffering, injury or death.” This is a bit of an blanket term designed to cover everything from extreme heat to extreme cold.

Even on relatively nice 70 degree day, the interior temperature of a car can reach 115 degrees or more. Even with cracked windows, car interiors can easily reach over 100 degrees. So imagine how hot the interior of your car could be getting right now when we’re hitting 90 degrees on the regular!

On top of the ethical reasons not to leave your fuzzy friend in a hot vehicle, North Carolina is a state that allows certain people, such as firefighters or law enforcement officers, to legally break into your vehicle to save a pet. So on top of the fact that leaving your pet in a hot car is an ethical dilemma within itself, it could also result in damage of your vehicle.

At the end of the day, your pet is a living, breathing lifeform… one that can suffer from the dangers of heat just like you and me. The least we can do as owners is keep them safe, be it at home or in the car.

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