Is your new car geared with Infotainment features Part 1

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When we talk about the evolution of cars, commonly we like to think of mechanical improvements – the assembly line Ford used to make the first affordable cars, the standardization of six- and eight-cylinder motors, direct fuel injection to replace carburetors, the creation of anti-lock brakes, and so on – but the innovations of today are happening inside the cabin with your Infotainment system.

But what is an “infotainment system?”

The word infotainment is a portmanteau of “Information” and “Entertainment.” The term was recently coined because of the growing complexity of our dashboards. Gone are the days where all you have are an AM/FM radio and some A/C controls – today, our cars provide so much more. These systems include things like XM radio, Pandora, maps – even phone companies are making software for these systems, most notably Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

The thing these systems all share in common is a nice touchscreen to encompass it all. They can be as small as 5”, or as big as 15”, as in case of the Tesla Model 3. Sure, it doesn’t have to be a big screen to be “infotainment,” but the term is primarily used to describe these systems.

So why are today’s biggest innovations happening there?

Two reasons – the potential of autonomous cars, and the need to keep driver’s hands off their phones. Join us next week as we dive into what this means for you and your dashboard.

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