Is your automobile a lemon -Part 1

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To most, Lemons are a versatile fruit that works great in Tea, helps freshen the air, and remove the occasional stain. To the auto industry, however, lemons are anything but useful.

A Lemon is a slang term referring to any car that was a piece of junk right off the assembly line. Was it bad parts? Poor engineering? Hasty assembly? It’s hard to pinpoint exactly, but it happens, and it’s expensive.

All data concerning the amount of lemons made by each car company below comes from a 2016 Study done by AutoGuide. You can view the data on their website,

Too Tart to Tame

Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles

FCA produced the most lemons. Of the nine car brands they sell, five were below the industry average. Fiat was hands down the worst on the list, they made one 1 lemon for every 76,808 cars produced. Jeep made one for every 131,574 cars, Dodge made one for every 402,728 cars, Chrysler made one for every 596,377 cars, and Ram made one for every 856,136 trucks.

Background Info: Chrysler has played hot potato with itself many times over the last few years, constantly changing names and owners. After being partnered with Mercedes-Benz owner Daimler for years, Daimler bailed out during the recession and shortly after filing for bankruptcy, Chrysler was purchased by Fiat.

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