Is the work performed on my car covered under warranty if I go to a local shop Part 1

Have you ever been in the process of buying a new car, and during the process the salesperson says “be sure to get your car repaired here so it will be covered under a warranty!” This is a sales tactic dealerships have used for years to make you believe there wasn’t any other option and to make you think that they could do something no local shop could -perform services and maintenance on your vehicle that were equivalent to the dealer and maintain your manufacturer’s warranty along with a warranty that worked nationwide. The Right to Repair Act allows independent shops to perform the same services without voiding your new car warranty.  Additionally, independent auto shops can offer nationwide warranties just like large chains and dealers.

While dealers and chains offer warranties through their parent company, independent shops offer warranties via their parts suppliers. By having a membership in one of these programs, independent shops agree to use a specific supplier of parts for most of their repairs, and in return the auto parts suppliers will cover the cost of any warranty work should it be needed.

Warranties like these work like in-network doctors with your insurance.   All the shops that agree to be part of the warranty service agree to do warranty work because the parts supplier will cover the cost. So, if you have a water pump installed at a shop in Mint Hill and it goes bad on your trip to Chicago, all you have to do is visit an “in-network” shop and they can do the warranty work at no charge to you just like if you had the job done at home.  Like insurance policies there is coverage if an “in-network” shop is unavailable but there is a process and some guidelines that have to be followed: