How do you make sure you get the best service from your auto repair facility

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Read your owner’s manual and follow the recommended services.

The owner’s manual has repair recommendations for a reason. If anyone knows what kind of repairs a vehicle needs, it’s the engineers who designed the vehicle and “wrote the book” on it.

Keep a notepad of symptoms if your car is having a specific problem.

Descriptions don’t have to be long, just descriptive. Be sure to note if symptoms only happen at certain times or temperatures.

Jot down unusual sounds, odors, drips, warning lights or gauge readings.

A noise or smell can say a lot about what’s going wrong! Be sure to be descriptive as possible.

Changes in acceleration, engine performance or gas mileage.

This is usually a sign of age, but poor gas mileage is never a good thing to have. Keep an eye on what’s “normal” as the vehicle ages.

When did the symptoms first appear?

The initial instance with an issue can give clues as to why something isn’t working right.

Resist the temptation to suggest a specific course of action.

When it comes to car problems, there are millions of possibilities. Please leave the diagnostic work to the people who have the knowledge and the diagnostic tools to find out what’s wrong (especially if it isn’t a “simple fix” problem!)

Ask as many questions as you need to feel comfortable.

This is your vehicle. Ask questions. Any reputable shop is more than willing to answer them.

Don’t try to get an on the spot diagnosis – let the technician do his job.

Finding an issue really does require diagnostic work – not every noise or sound can be diagnosed over the phone. Modern cars, even base models, have all kinds of bells and whistles that old ones do not.

If you are experiencing any issues or concerns with your car feel free to call Ken at 704-545-4597 or stop by Manchester Auto and Tire of Mint Hill.

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