How do brakes work and when do they need to be replaced Part 2

The drum brake works in a similar fashion to the disk, with two key components: The brake drum, and the brake shoe. The drum acts as in a similar fashion to the rotor on disk brakes, it rotates with the wheels. The shoe acts in the same way the pad does on disk brakes. The pad pushes outward against the drum under pressure to stop the vehicle. As with disc brakes, the shoes will eventually wear out and need replacement.

So, how are brakes “fixed?” Once you bring your vehicle into Manchester Auto and Tire of Mint Hill for an inspection, we will determine exactly what your vehicle needs and recommend the required service.  If it requires replacement of pads, rotors, or shoes then that service is performed.  Sometimes rotors can be “turned” or resurfaced and reused with the new pads but if they have worn past a certain level they need to be replaced.

 The last step is to test drive the car and make absolutely sure the braking system is completely operable, as there can be absolutely no error in something this important. Safety for you and your family is always our main priority at Manchester auto and Tire of Mint Hill.  If you need your brakes inspected or repaired, feel free to contact Manchester Auto and Tire of Mint Hill or call Ken at 704-545-5497.