Getting Your Child’s Car Ready for College in a Pandemic

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MINT HILL, NC – In any other given year, today’s article from me would be a pretty routine one about getting your driving-age kids ready for school, as I’ve written in years past. This year, of course, is anything but routine. That being said, there are still some things we need to discuss as many colleges are planning on opening physically in some regard.

Having sanitary devices in a car is something I actually like seeing in cars anyway, as it makes for quick cleanups, but right now it’s more important than ever. Have a bottle of hand sanitizer somewhere is a must. Try and get a big one if you can.

Keep clean, washed spare masks somewhere safe as well. If you’re all alone in a car you don’t really need to wear a mask, but if your kiddo carpools or helps friends get around, then masks are a must for their safety. Most places require customers to wear them too, so a spare one lying around never hurts. Just don’t hang them from your rearview mirror! That impairs your vision.

I’d also recommend keeping an APC and a nice microfiber towel in the car. APC is short for All-Purpose Cleaner. You’ve likely seen these before branded as LA’s Totally Awesome or Simple Green or something along those lines. When diluted properly, they’re great for cleaning high-touch areas without damaging leathers, vinyl, and other interior components. We use them in our shop heavily, so I can speak from the experience saying these do work.

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