Getting the Most out of Your Tires

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CHARLOTTE – Whether you recently bought a set or are looking to keep the ones you have, keeping your tires in the best shape you can isn’t as scary as it may sound. Making tires last is simply a matter of routine maintenance and careful driving. Let’s explore:

Rotations are perhaps the easiest step into getting the most out of your tires. In fact, in order for some tires to be even eligible for a prorated warranty, many tire manufacturers require proof of proper rotations. Generally speaking, you should rotate your tires every 5,000-10,000 miles. Many tire installers will offer free rotations if you return to them.

Alignments are also important to tire wear. Aligning your vehicle not only keeps the vehicle from pulling, but it also keeps tires from wearing irregularly by making sure they sit properly. Generally speaking, it is best to align your vehicle any time you buy a set of tires.

Tire inflation is another factor. Underinflated tires bow, causing irregular wear on the outer tread, while overinflated tires bulge, causing the tread in the middle to wear prematurely. Proper tire inflation varies from vehicle to vehicle, but you can usually find the recommended pressure on your door card. Most auto shops also air up tires for free, should you need air.

Lastly, driving. Things like hitting potholes, curbing your wheels, and putting excessive weight (like towing too much weight or overloading a bed) can cause damage to tires. Avoid whenever possible.

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