Ethanol Gas for Beginners

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MINT HILL, NC – This is an updated version of one of our 2018 articles. If you’d like to read the original, check out our backlog at!

What is Ethanol or E10?

E10 is a fuel blend containing up to 10% ethanol. As automobile manufacturers are pressured to increase fuel efficiency and cut emissions these fuels are playing a bigger role in helping them meet these standards.

Is it safe to use these fuels?

For most vehicles, yes. Most modern cars are designed to run on a maximum of E10 and even say so on the fuel cap. Even so, any car that uses electronic fuel injection should, in theory, have no issues running E10. Older cars still using carburetors may have a hard time running this kind of fuel, however.

What if My Car Shouldn’t Run Ethanol Fuel?

If your car cannot run on E10, you can always check the pump where you fill your tank as they are required to post whether or not the fuel you are buying is blended and what content of ethanol may be present in the fuel. Buying non-ethanol fuel is becoming harder and harder to find, so if your car needs the more traditional non-ethanol fuel you may have to drive to find it. Also, traditional fuel is usually the most expensive at the pump, even more than premium. Sorry, classic car folks, but gas isn’t going to be cheap for you.

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