Ten Reasons to Vote in Local Elections


  1. For local votes, turnout is often poor. There have been cases where significant issues have been decided by a handful of votes – in same cases just one!
  2. Your vote sends a message. Elected officials tend to listen to the majority.
  3. Elected officials pay attention to voter turnout.  If it is low, they assume people don’t care about the issue, so they should do whatever they want.
  4. Voting drives elected officials and boards to be accountable to the people whose interests they have been chosen to represent.
  5. Your vote counts equally with that of the most powerful or richest person in town.
  6. It’s your civic duty.  And it will make you feel good.
  7. For votes on budgets, your vote expresses your position on how your hard earned income should be spent.
  8. It gives you a legitimate right to complain.
  9. Voting is one of the strongest tools citizens have to influence government.
  10. Our forebears died to give citizens the right to vote.  People around the world are still fighting and dying for a privilege that some of us take for granted.

You were given a right.  Make your voice heard.  Get out and vote on November 5th.