Why Your Refund IS Late This Year

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CHARLOTTE – Why Your Refund Is Late This Year!

Hey Tax Payer.  Are you still wondering if you will ever receive your tax refund for this year?  35 million Americans are asking the same question.

So, Let’s Get To It…

*The short answer is the IRS is Swamped! Since the beginning of the CORONA Virus Pandemic in 2020 the IRS office was closed creating a backlog of taxes for 2019.  When you add in the new administrations’ tax changes you will have an extra backlog of taxes to be completed on their end.  Under normal circumstances, your refund would have been issued within 21 days of being filed. Some of the other delays that are contributing are:

  • Errors on your return
  • Fraud or Identity Theft
  • Filed a paper tax return (or amended)

These contributors along with the Pandemic shout down created a major backup of tax files that needs to be accepted and processed. Unfortunately, the IRS hasn’t had the chance to update their website “Where’s My Refund”? link fast enough in order to assist the American public with their tax status.

**Over 35 million of our fellow Americans still have not received their 2020 tax refund as of June 2021 due to the overwhelming backlog. For most of us, there is no way to even get through to the IRS without running into the great wall of recordings and prompts that still leads to nowhere. The best thing to do during this unsettling time of American history of tax refunds is to wait until the process is completed by the IRS.

(Disclaimer: The ABC link does have former President Trump’s name in the link, but there’s no mention of him in the article)

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