The Official Start Date And End Date Of Tax Season

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CHARLOTTE – The official start date and end date of tax season.

Hey Tax Payer.  Tax season is right around the corner!

So, Let’s Get To It…

*Tax season officially starts on Monday, January 24, 2022. I believe the reason why it was pushed back a week is due to Martin Luther King birthday being remembered on the very day tax season would traditionally begin. Last year, tax season didn’t start until February 12, 202. So, this is progress on the part of the IRS.

You should receive your W2’s and 1099’s no later than the first week of February. If you have not received those documents by the 15th of February then contact your HR department to them expedite to you immediately.

Your other documents such as mortgage interest, property taxes, 1099 Dividends, and 1098 T should also arrive within the last week of January or the first week of February. Again, if you have received these forms then please do not hesitate to contact the entity.

**Lastly, tax season will end on April 18th and not April 15th. The reason is April 15th falls on Washington DC widely celebrated Emancipation Day. This is a holiday for them in which many businesses and government offices are closed.

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