The American Rescue Plan

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CHARLOTTE – Hey Tax Payer.  The American Rescue Plan went into effect in March which was designed to assist Americans with children during these rough times. Have you received your rescue-mandated plan?

So, Let’s Get To It…

The expended Child Tax Credit or the American Rescue Plan was designed to offer a new monthly advance payment that the IRS was mandated to issue from July through December that most Americans have not received.

Many clients of Mays Concepts LLC have called our office wondering if the American Rescue Plan applied to “ALL” Americans? I assured them The Law applied to all Americans who qualify for the plan that was signed into law. We have learned the IRS has not released the total number of American households that haven’t received their monthly tax credit payment.

The September 15th payout seems to have missed the mark again for the second straight month due to a glitch. Though some of our fellow Americans have received their Advance Child Tax Credit on the 15th. It is very troublesome when you expect the payout to be received because your family qualifies but nothing hits your account or mail box.

Fingers crossed, the IRS which is experiencing many challenges due to the pandemic will even over time get caught up to the speed of the American people.

Please call the IRS directly to find out about your qualifications and payouts.

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