Tax Refund Delays

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CHARLOTTE – Now that the first half of Tax Season is over, let’s take a quick dive into what were some of the issues that came up with a lot of people. A lot of clients experienced delays in their refund because of one of two reasons.

1) They did not claim their Stimulus Check correctly

2) They did not claim their Advance Child Tax Credit Amount Correctly

That misinformation delayed refunds an average of 2-3 weeks. If the US Government is planning another round of stimulus payments, then I would suggest you pay close attention to your bank statements for any amounts from the Department of the Treasury or the IRS. If the question is asked again on your tax return for 2022, then you will have the correct answer.

If you have not received a stimulus check after checking your bank statements and the IRS claims you did then please call the IRS, not your tax preparer unless they have a Power of Attorney, to have the issue resolved.

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