No Turning Back on PUA and other Unemployment Support

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CHARLOTTE – If you are an unemployed employee or contractor receiving much-needed help from your state then brace, brace, brace!! The assistance is coming to an end!!

So, Let’s Get To It…

*Cuts in Pandemic Unemployment Assistance is coming as a wave across the country. Let me remind you that the PUA is fully funded by the US Government to help unemployed contractors to maintain their companies and family’s well-being. Also, unemployment assistance is design to help unemployed workers who are on the cutting blocks too. Turning their back on the PUA and another unemployment assistance support is a systematic response by Governors across the Nation to force workers back to work. To basically settle for whatever is offered by an employer. The truth is the lack of hiring could be a direct result of a lack of increasing pay. The increase in pay would help to attract good potential workers and contractors. Matching or exceeding the assistance payment that is fully funded by the US Government would create a hiring frenzy. Either way, like it or not the cuts are coming state by state. Please alert your family and friends of these cuts in public assistance if they live in one of the following 24 states. Here are the dates with those states the cuts will be implemented:

**June 12: Alaska. Iowa, Mississippi, Missouri.  June 19: Alabama, Idaho, Indiana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, North Dakota, W Virginia, Wyoming. June 26: Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Ohio, S. Carolina, S Dakota, Texas, Utah. June 27: Montana, Oklahoma. July 3: Tennessee. July 10: Arizona. N. Carolina is not on the list. Small Business Owners with opportunities and PPP loans let’s put our fellow American’s back to work with living wages to fully support their family with the one job and the one career!!

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