Is the letter I received from the White House a Scam?

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CHARLOTTE – So, Tax payer, you receive a letter from the White House that outlines the Stimulus payments and now you are wondering “Is this a scam?” The answer is NO.

So, Let’s Get To It…

The letter from the White House, Notice # 1444 dated April 22, 2021, with President Joseph R. Biden Jr name on it is the real deal!!

The letter basically summarizes with each Economic Impact Payment the IRS is required to send a notice within 15 days after you receive the payment. I don’t know about you, but I never received the first letter after the first stimulus, but I did receive the stimulus payment. I digress.

There were three Notice letters that were scheduled to go out by the IRS after each stimulus payment the letter explains. Notice 1444-A: For the first stimulus, Notice 1444-B: For the second stimulus, and Notice 1444-C: For the third stimulus.

Once you receive each of these notices, if you qualify, then retain the notices for your records. Remember, the IRS can go back many years if you are a subject of an audit. It is in your best interest to maintain this and other tax documents for minimum of TEN years. Better safe than paying!!

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