Is “FREE” Tax Filing Really Free?

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CHARLOTTE – Is “FREE tax filing really Free?

The last thing a company wants to receive is a letter from the government. No, not the IRS but the FTC, Federal Trade Commission, over a misleading advertisement. That is exactly what the most famous Nation Boxed Tax Software is facing right now, Intuit’s Turbo Tax filing software.

Do you remember Super Bowl? Me neither, but Turbo Tax, an Intuit Company, had an advertisement offering “FREE” tax filing software. Turns out the “FREE” offering was nothing more than a “Bait and Switch advertisement. They were misleading Americans to believe they can Efile their tax returns for free by using their software. In actuality, those people were being hit with a large service charge at the completion of their tax filing. According the FTC, Intuit Inc, the maker of Turbo Tax software, has been deceiving consumers with bogus advertisements”. Now the FTC is suing Intuit, Inc for misleading millions of Americans who found out that “the free tax filing the company is pitching is in the truth NOT AVAILABLE for them to use at no cost”.

I have always said just because it is “FREE” doesn’t mean it is better!!  Find a tax preparer who can trust that offers a fair price and looks out for your best interest. Mays Concepts LLC takes the military oath seriously in working hard for your benefit and NOT the IRS!

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