How Do You Avoid A Large Tax Bill During Tax Time?

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CHARLOTTE – One of the scariest things to do in life is to decide to go into business for yourself. According to, in a survey that was conducted, they found that “one-third of Americans are more afraid to start their own business than to jump out of a plane”.

After being in business for 13 years as Mays Concepts LLC I am proud of my clients for making this dream come true. For everyone else who decided to take their own leap of faith, this is for you. Are you always fearful of Tax Season because of all the money you made?  Well rest assure there is a cure for that fear. The cure is called: Planning. You have heard the saying, “If you fail to plan, then plan to fail”. This is the outcome and fear for so many of my fellow business owners. Let’s look at a couple ways to overcome this fear.

  • Make Quarterly payments to the IRS and your state Department of Revenue. By doing so, you are paying taxes in advance in order to pay down on your tax liability.
  • Make Quarterly payments into a separate account. By doing so, you are going through the process of paying your taxes but into an account you own in order to have the funds available for taxes

Using one of these two methods will help ease those fears. With a little practice you will discover you have a little extra money available to start the next year. After awhile you will have built a nest egg of funds for taxes and for any other business activity you deem worthy.

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