Build Back Better Bill (Part 2)

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CHARLOTTE – Build Back Better Bill (Part 2)

Hey Tax Payer.  Build Back Better Bill signed into law is estimated to raise $1.85 trillion dollars over a ten-year period.

So, Let’s Get To It…

Let’s get to the core of the bill, how will it be funded? The BBB asks specifically those fliers with High-Incomes to pay a fairer amount of taxes. The income bracket are those households with Adjusted Gross Incomes above $10 Million with a new 5% tax and those with Adjusted Gross Incomes of $25 Million an additional 3% tax. (8% combined). The funds that are estimate are designed for critical investments to help reduce child poverty, make health care, child care and housing more affordable for our fellow Americans.

As an American and fellow US Army Veteran, I will be happy to pay my fair share of taxes based on my Adjusted Gross Income to help support my fellow Military Servicemember’s, Federal Building, Federal Parks and Federal Government. In turn our US Government is designed to take those funds to help you my fellow American through our individual state.

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