6000 LBS Vehicle is a Tax Write off for my Business?

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CHARLOTTE – 6000 LBS Vehicle is a Tax Write-off for my Business?


You just purchased that brand-new vehicle from your favorite dealership, but did you know as a Business Owner you can write that off on your taxes? Say, Whaat?


So, Let’s Get To It…


If you are like me and operate a business, you are always in need of some deductions to fall into your lap. It seems the business owner’s liability keeps getting higher and higher. Low and behold here is another deduction that is right at your fingertips. Your newly purchased vehicle that is over 6000 lbs can offer that liability assistance. The assistance is available through the tax form labeled Section 179 Deduction.

This form is designed to assist the taxpayer with an accelerated depreciation with items acquired for business use and certain purchases that aren’t gifts. The depreciation can range from 1 year and up depending on your usage of the equipment. By using this accelerated tax form, the business owner can now hold an ACE up their sleeve for future deductions.



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*Source: https://www.gettaxhub.com/tax-deductions-for-vehicles-over-6000lbs/

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