2021 Tax Season Is Coming To A Close

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CHARLOTTE – Hey Tax Payer. We have now come to the end of the road for the 2021 Tax Season

So, Let’s Get To It…

Tax Season 2021 officially ends on October 15, 2022. Please make sure you have made arrangements with your tax person to prepare your taxes. Give them plenty of time to file and make any corrections should the IRS reject your taxes.

This is been a tax season for the ages. We had CORONA Virus 1099R’s taxes that could be spread out over three years, Unemployment tax forms, Stimulus checks that we had to remember if we received them, Market Place Insurance calculations and Child Tax Credit tax forms to contend with. But we made it through.

Next year we could see more child tax credit questions, Market Place questions and possibly Student Loan 1099 C’s. The “C” means Cancellation of Debt that could possibly be taxed by the great state of North Carolina if you receive a student loan cancellation. We will see. Stay tuned.

Remember to inform your tax person of any new career changes, child births, or lottery winnings.

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*Source: 14 Years of Experience

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