Treasure Hunt

I love a good treasure hunt! That is, I enjoy finding home furnishings for a bargain and re-purposing them. One of my favorite places to hunt for treasure is the West Stanly Christian Ministries Thrift Store in Stanfield. Have you ever been? If you haven’t you should go.

It is filled with everything from books, furniture, clothing, tools, antique sewing patterns and dishes…and those are just the things I am interested in. The store is run like a well oiled machine, it is arranged by department and organized with great care. I have found many beautiful, antique furniture pieces there and every fall, my children and their friends make a special trip to get their Halloween costumes.

A few weeks ago while shopping there; I found a huge, 4 ft tall lamp that looked to be from the 1940’s. It was a steal for only ten dollars. It was not the most attractive lamp with the orange base and brown shade, but I could see past that. I saw potential; with a few coats of paint, it looks like a showpiece in my living room.

The best part of the shopping experience is the folks who work there. They are kind and helpful, and I have never been there that I haven’t seen one of the workers holding the hand of a customer, and praying for them, if they requested prayer. That’s an unusual and endearing sight to witness.

That’s the news from the homestead, see you next week!