Long Arm Quilt Man


As we drove down Brief Road this evening, the fields of rye grass seemed almost neon green. Tiny pink blooms dotted many of the branches of the trees along the road, and delicate, green leaves were lining the long, flowing branches of an ancient willow tree. I feel lucky to live in a place where springtime starts to show her pretty face in February.

The quilt that my daughter and I started last year is finally finished, and we sent it off to the long arm quilt man to sandwich together the top, middle and back of the quilt, and create a beautiful design with his quilting machine. I hand quilted a quilt- once. That was a laborious task that I would rather not repeat. Besides, it’s not every day that you get your quilt, quilted by a man who looks like Paul Newman.

Our quilt man, Bryan is a former NC state trooper. After retiring from the NCDOT, he took up long arm quilting, and he is a master. His machine is set up at the Quilt Patch in Stallings, and you can find him there most days working hard, barefoot, in a store full of women. He has quilted three quilts for me so far and did a much better job that I can do. We should get it back in a few weeks, and I will bind the edges before it is finally ready to sleep under.

We have some delicious new items in the Tiny Boutique- cardamom strawberry jam, muscadine jam and a fresh crop of handmade aprons. Come on out and see us!

That’s the news from the homestead, see you next week.