Last year, I posted a picture on my blog of the Hydrangeas that I grew and asked if anyone knew how to preserve them.

The suggestions ranged from keeping them in a hot trunk for a few days to using silica gel.

I opted to use the silica gel because it was supposed to do the best job of preserving, but it was complicated and expensive and after thinking it through- way too long, the Hydrangeas were no longer pretty enough to preserve, so I gave up on that project.

Fast forward to a few days ago, I was cleaning out my daughter’s bathroom cabinet and came across the prettiest, perfectly preserved hydrangea that I have ever seen!

I remembered her picking a few of them last summer, saying that she was going to dry them, but with the business of life, I forgot that she was even doing it.
You know what she did? She stuck them in a vase of water, let the water dry out and then put the vase with the flower in a dark spot. That’s it!

We tend to overcomplicate things to the point that we don’t ever get around to doing them. My sweet child simply went for it. She didn’t over think the process, she just did it and now she has a beautiful, preserved flower to show for it. That flower serves as a reminder of those warm, carefree, summer days. More importantly, it reminds us that if you want something, and that something is good and pure, go for it.

Even if it does not work out the way you wanted, at least you won’t have the regret of having never tried.